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Lets have sex and watch lotr.


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Tom Hiddleston + bow ties 

Bowties are cool

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Oh my god.


Oh my god.

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Hell is
loving you in my sleep
and waking up alone.
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channel 3 forever! -

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Tom Hiddleston is not yet my husband.

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I’ve never felt more alone then I do in the moment of my life.

I’m jobless, still single after 4 years and not many friends around and the ones who are, are moving lives

How come its the people who are loyal, loving and and work the hardest and deserve the most, recieve the least.

When is my turn? When do I give up the fight? When do I stop waiting?

When do I get my pot of gold?

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Photos of WeHeartIt | via Facebook on We Heart It.

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How do you save a person from being hurt when they can’t see that the person who is hurting them is clearly toxic?

Does it always take two lots if hurt for people to realise?

How do you protect your friends from the toxic beings?

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Hello Tumblers!

So tell me, at what point does one give up on love and happiness? When does one stop trying? When does one stop looking?

When do I admit to myself that I am destined for a life alone?

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Text 30 Mar What Happens?

What happens to the girl with the shattered heart?

The one who feels love no more?

The one who gives up?

The one who can’t feel anymore?

The one who can’t pretend anymore?

The one whose world is taken from her?

The one whose life is gone?

What happens to her?

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